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Aboriginal Funeral Chapel
Adam's Funeral Home
Anderson Family Funeral Home
Arnason Funeral Home
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Bardal Arrangement Centre
Bardal Funeral Home & Crematorium
Birchwood Funeral Chapel
Braendle-Bruce Funeral Home
Brockie Donovan Chapels
Budz Funeral Service
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Campbell Funeral Home
Carscadden G.R. Ltd.
Chapel Lawn Funeral Home & Crematorium
Chesed Shel Emes (Jewish Community Chapel)
Clarke's Funeral Home
Cropo Funeral Chapel
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Dadson Funeral Home
Desjardins Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services
Dobchuk Funeral Home
Doyle's Funeral Chapel
Doyle's Funeral Home of Morden
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E.J. Coutu & Co. Funeral Directors
Eternal Grace Funerals
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Fisher Funeral Home
Friends Funeral Service Inc.
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Gilbart Funeral Home
Glen Eden Funeral Home
Glen Lawn Funeral Home
Graham's Funeral Service
Green Acres Funeral Chapel
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Hemauer Funeral Home
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Integrity Cremation and Funeral Planning
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Jamieson Funeral Service
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Killarney Boissevain Funeral Home
Klassen Funeral Home
Korban Funeral Chapel
Kowalchuk's Funeral Home
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LeClaire Brothers
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MacKenzie Funeral Home
McKenzies Portage Funeral Chapel
Memories Chapel & Pre-Planning Centre
Minnedosa Funeral Services
Morris Funeral Home
Mosaic Funeral, Cremation & Cemetery Services
Mosaic Funeral, Cremation & Cemetery Services
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Nairn-Chyz Funeral Home
Neepawa Funeral Service
Neil Bardal Funeral Centre (Gimli)
Neil Bardal Funeral Centre (Winnipeg)
Northland/Boardman Funeral Home
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Omega Funeral Home
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Paull Funeral Home
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Rae’s Funeral Home
Redpath Funeral Home
Reflections Funeral Services
Riverside Evergreen Funeral Chapel
Roblin Memorial Chapel
Rock Fontaine Funeral Director
Ronald Moffit Memorial Services
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Seasons Funeral Service
Smith Funeral Home
Sneath-Strilchuk Funeral Service Ltd.
Sobering Funeral Chapel
Spirit Road Funeral Services
Ste. Rose Memorial Chapel
Steinbach Funeral Home
Swan Valley Funeral Services Ltd.
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Thomson Funeral Home
Thomson In the Park Funeral Home and Cemetery
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Vita Funeral Home
Voyage Funeral Home
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Waverley Memorial Gardens - Alderwoods
Wheatland Funeral Service
Wheeler Funeral Home, Cemetery & Crematorium
White's Funeral Home
Wiebe Funeral Home (Altona)
Wiebe Funeral Homes Ltd. (Morden)
Wiebe Funeral Homes Ltd. (Winkler)
Wojcik's All Beliefs & Faiths Funeral Chapel (Serving Beausejour)
Wojcik's All Beliefs and Faiths Funeral Chapel (Main Street)
Wojcik’s All Beliefs & Faiths Funeral Chapel (Portage Avenue)