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DONALD GILBERT BAILEY In his 60th year, Donald Gilbert Bailey died suddenly of a heart attack on Wednesday, August 13, in his home in Winnipeg. He is survived by his four children, Estelle Horton, Rebecca Bailey, Daniel Bailey and Darcie-Anne Bailey. Don was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1942. He spent most of his childhood living in foster care. It was during his time in prison that Don began to self educate himself and develop his writing skills. He established long term friendships that continue on through today. He used his friendships and experiences from the challenges he faced during his life to reach out to the people who needed the biggest voice. His work with foster children and convicts continued until the day he died. Don touched many people through his writing and the numerous stories that he loved to tell. He was always able to write in words what others thought and that was a gift he was willing to share with those around him. A memorial service will be held Monday, August 18, 2003 at 2:00 p.m. at Young United Church, 222 Furby Street. Parking available at Thomson Funeral Chapels. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the Margaret Laurence Fund, 225 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5S 2M6. "Missing in action. My father. Never a glimpse of him, just a shadow of faith that he did exist. Now sixty years later you appear and say softly, gently, "I miss you." I am on a beach somewhere, no more than a granule of sand, voiceless no physical presence, a ghost that one of an army of those to be missed so how do you choose. Who? The living or the dead." - Don Bailey, 2003 "I never want to be old enough to be a ghost..." - Don Bailey, 1971 THOMSON Funeral Chapels - 669 Broadway - 783-7211

As published in the Winnipeg Free Press on August 16, 2003

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  • Don was my first poetry teacher. I took his creative writing class nearly 15 years ago, and now I teach poetry myself. I still read "Homeless Heart." I remember him as someone who respected his students greatly. He was a very inspiring teacher, writer and man. I have many fond memories of sitting around after class with Don and the writing students hanging out in pizza lounges on Portage Avenue, and talking about the magic of poetry.
    - Posted by: Shannon Rayne (student) on: Aug 13, 2014

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